Yasin Seiwasser

At the age of eight, Yasin Mengüllüoglu from Böblingen / Germany started with karate and judo. Today he can look back on 30 years of martial arts experience in various styles: Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Wing Chun. At the age of 25, he began his career as an international Martial Arts coach: Team Nogueira in Rio and Miami, Muay Thai in Thailand, Boxing and Wrestling in Cuba, in Las Vegas with Wanderlei Silva, in Los Angeles in Kings MMA with Rafael Cordeiro, as well as Boxing with Freddy Roach. Always on the road between Australia, Costa Rica, Brazil and New York, Yasin gives seminars and teaches in the most famous and best MMA gyms in the world. In addition, he trains and coaches, among others, several UFC fighters and accompanies them to the fights. Yasin worked for years as a professional bodyguard for many VIPs, including the King of Saudi Arabia. He was a close combat instructor for Special Forces and Marines and has fought successfully for several years in MMA (German Champion in the 8 man tournament and European champion in MMA). His motto is the open mind philosophy: Take what is useful and discard what is useless. Be always willing to extend your knowledge. He passes these experiences on to his students in Böblingen. In addition, his students have the opportunity to accompany him several times a year to training camps in various countries such as Brazil, Thailand or the United States.

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Empty your mind be formless, shapeless like water.
Bruce Lee
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Martial Arts Life

Over 30 years experience in different Martial Art Styles

The Beginning

1984 Karate
1985 Judo & Kung-Fu
1988 Jiu Jitsu / Taekwondo / Kickboxing
1992 WingChun / WingTsun
2000 Nogi-Wrestling
2001 Muay Thai
2001 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Fighting Experience

Over 50 amateur fights in different styles
13 Pro MMA fights 10-3 (All 10 wins by KO. TKO)
German Middleweight MMA champion 2007
European vice champion 2008
8 men tournament winner

Martial Arts Related Programs

Strength, cardio, flexibility, concentration, breathing, meditation, sensitivity, explosivity and more.

Training Experience

Over 30 years of theory & practice in WingChun, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu training in various camps worldwide.

Martial Arts Training

Muay Thai Thailand
Boxing and Wrestling Cuba
USA MMA Team Nogueira Miami
Las Vegas Wandfightteam
KingsMMA Huntington Beach
Noguchi Muay Thai Curitiba Brazil
Boxing Los Angeles Freddy Roach
BJJ Brazil - Vitor Vianna

Training for Mind and Meditation

Dan Millmann - Peaceful Warrior Retreat Costa Rica
Learning from different Spiritual Masters worldwide
Meditation and breathing methods. Concentration, sensitivity, etc
Additional knowledge from over 1000 books about all aspects of training & life
Many years education of the teachings from masters like Yogananda, Dan Millman, Sadhguru, Wayne Dyer, Taisen Deshimaru, Bruce Lee, Osho just to name a few...
Direct experiences with some spiritual masters and profound personal experiences

Teaching Experience

World Wide Teaching

Trainer for many UFC and Pro Fighters in different Martial Arts Styles
Trainer for technical, physical and mental levels

Striking Classes at Team Nogueira in Miami, USA
Seminars in Brazil at Different Pro & UFC Fighter Gyms
Olympic Atlethes in Cuba 2009
Thailand 7 x (2007-2013)
Selfdefense & WingChun Classes from 1992 - Today

Training camps and seminars in different countries

USA, Brazil, Costa Rica, Australia, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia, more to come.

Certified in psychology „Mental and Life Coach“

In official German governmental and psychological institutions for people in incompletely different mental stages and age groups.

Martial Arts / Self Defense

Teaching many years International Special Forces, Marines, Bodyguards, Police etc.
2000 - 2007: Professional bodyguard for different VIPs
2006 - 2007: Bodyguard of the king of Saudi Arabia